Released Year:



Dark blue (1985-2014)
Light blue (2015-onwards)

Thomas is a blue tank engine made by Hornby. He was first released in 1985 by using a modified version of a London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway E2 tank engine, his basis in the TV series.


  • Normal
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Electric Train Set
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Clockwork Train Set
  • Thomas Clockwork Train Set
  • Thomas & Percy Clockwork Train Set
  • Thomas Passenger Clockwork Train Set
  • Thomas with Annie and Clarabel set
  • Thomas passengers electric train Set
  • Thomas and Bertie set
  • Thomas Electric Train Set
  • Thomas Wind-up Train Set
  • Thomas & Percy Electric Train Set
  • Thomas & Bill Electric Train Set
  • Thomas Train Set
  • Thomas Passengers and Goods Train Set
  • Thomas & the Great Discovery set 
  • Thomas & the breakdown train set 
  • Thomas & ben clockwork set 
  • Modelzone limited editon of 500 great discovery thomas models without weathering.
  • 70th Anniversary Limited Metallic Finish Edition.


  • The original models depict Thomas as dark blue which should have been light blue. This was fixed on his 2015 re-release.
  • The Thomas model originally came fitted with traction tires on the centre wheels which helps give the model grip on the rails. However, for no reason whatsoever, these have been removed from Thomas models produced in recent years.
  • Over the years his face has turned from grey to white.
  • Thomas' 1985-2014 models have a blue running board, whilst his 2015 model has a white running board.